Based in Dallas, Texas, Tri-Now was founded to support individuals of any level to get active, with an emphasis in multisport. We recognize that athletes are individuals with unique needs and offer group workouts to accommodate beginners to seasoned triathletes. Along with multiple weekly workouts and complete group training plans for 70.3, Oly, Sprint, 13.1 and 26.2 – Tri-Now  provides the encouragement and camaraderie of fellow club members.

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Drop In

Complete training program for 70.3

Complete training plan: Olympic

Complete training plan: Sprint

Access to weekly group swim workouts

$10 (sundays only)

Access to weekly group run workouts


Access to weekly group bike workouts


OWS Series workouts


Bike Power Interval – Indoor power class Nov-Mar

$75 full season

$75 full season

$175 full season or $15/per

Quarterly baseline evaluations in swim/bike/run

Clinic discount



Tri-Now event discount



Tri-Now performance shirt





  • Enrollment in RBM Reward Program
  • Joining Fees waived for members at T Boone Pickens YMCA
  • Team races
  • Member only seminars and workshops
  • Discounts to area retails shops
  • Discounts to area events
  • Team prizes
  • Support and camaraderie
  • Team outings, socials and fun!