Prepare to Succeed

Ready to eat, breath, sleep triathlon? The beauty of this sport is that it is so versatile and extensive that there is no room for getting bored or tired of it. However, the more versatile a sport is, the more complex it becomes. In order to keep yourself committed and motivated, you should follow these simple tips that will make your athletic life easier:)

  1. Choose your A race smartly: When I say smartly, I mean pick a race that you know will be appropriate for your fitness level, schedule, and goals. Choose it with enough time in order to take advantage to build up and be fully prepared for it and shine big.
  2. Find the perfect workout and print it out: Take the time to find a training plan or program that will suit you in every single aspect. A plan or program that will accommodate you and your schedule.  A plan that will flow with your lifestyle rhythms. It is best to find a one-on-one coach that, with his or her knowledge and experience, will help you achieve your goals. Once you have found the perfect program, print it out. Carry it wherever you go. Workouts can be slipped into your daily schedule in a multitude of ways. You don’t want to miss out on adding those miles toward your training plan, would you? Shine big.
  3. Creating habits creates consistency: It is said that a habit is developed after 16 days. Some say it takes up to 21 days,  So, get on it immediately. Set weekly goals and challenge yourself to create a habit of waking up early, or setting a time to get your assigned workouts in. Get into the habit of preparing your stuff the night before. Create a check list of the things you need for next day’s workout, go through it daily, and get your stuff ready the night before. That way, you have no excuse.  You have a printed schedule and a bag fully equipped to get up and go. Shine big!
  4. Search, learn, and share: There is a beauty to all this madness and a science behind all this beauty. With that being said, don’t limit yourself to only what you already know. I challenge you to go out there and do some research. Don’t ever leave a question sitting in a corner. Find an answer to every question you have about the sport, whether it is to improve, to be faster, to be more efficient or simply just to know what others are doing. Triathlete love to share knowledge, so don’t be shy and ask away. Keep your eyes, ears, and mainly your heart open to any new discoveries. As time goes by, you will find yourself passionate about it as much as an athlete who has been in the sport for years. Anything you learn, pass it on, share it, experience it and live it. SHINE BIG
mimi 258

Coach Red at IM Cozumel