2016-17 Indoor Bike Power Intervals

When:  Thursdays @ 7:00P (arrive at 6:45p to setup and get a spot)

Where: Texins Activity Center

How:  Strength & skills will be the focus through a combination of anaerobic and aerobic intervals which have been choreographed to music. We will focus on everything from efficient pedaling mechanics to body position to effective hill climbing.  Coach Frank will provide guidance through a combination of gearing/resistance selections & cadence choices which have been selected to achieve certain intensities directly related to training zones.  Bike Power Intervals is designed to make you a stronger cyclist as volume once again begins to build going into spring.

Evaluations used in establishing training zones will be conducted during the first 2 classes.  If you plan to attend Bike Power Intervals this season, it’s important that you know these zones if you’re going to effectively participate. A  power meter or heart rate monitor are strongly recommended.  Put these classes on your schedule. We’re going to have a blast…guaranteed!  – Coach Frank

What to bring: 

  • Bike
  • Cycling apparel-shoes, shorts, & technical t-shirt or jersey (no helmet)
  • Trainer
  • Front wheel stand
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Cadence sensor
  • Power Meter
  • 2 x hand towels
  • Water bottle
  • Extra shirt for the ride home because you’re going to work!!

Cost: (classes November 10, 2016 – March 23, 2017) 

$55 for Tri-Now Team members
$150 for non-Team members
$35 for 5 class pass
or $10 drop-in fee per class. Please contact us if you plan to drop-in as class could be full. Debra@Tri-Now.com

Register Here

Class size is limited to 25 people.