This is a 1.5 hour clinic designed to take the mystery out of a seemingly complex, coordinated physical process and provide an easily understandable foundation for running success.  Novice to intermediate triathletes and competitive or recreational runners will benefit from the information provided.  Taking time out to STOP, THINK and most of all ENJOY a running regimen will elevate your running to the next level.  The training journey can be as rewarding as the finish line goal.  We look forward to helping you along the way.  Heart rate monitors are suggested but not required.

Findyours Clinics will include:

  • Instruction in proper running form to foster efficiency and economy
  • Direction in use of form drills to promote great running mechanics
  • Training in utilizing the mental component of running

Run Clinics are held at Lake Highlands HS track. 9449 Church Rd. Dallas
Cost: $50  Tri-Now member $35

March 10th 1PM Register
May 12th 1PM Register