Frank Cortese

13321696_10153793778688335_3338627558034873384_nFrank Cortese is the Owner and Head Coach of Tri-Now endurance. Coach Frank founded Tri-Now to encourage individuals of all levels to make endurance sports and personal fitness a part of their life. Since 2000, he has been sharing his passion and commitment coaching 300+ athletes in their endurance journey spanning from 5K to Ironman World Championship athletes.

USAT Certified Coach
USAT Youth and Junior Coach
US Masters Swim Coach
USATF Certified Coach
USA Cycling Coach Lvl 3
USA Triathlon South Midwest Region Chair
USAT certified Race Director
Founder of Rhythm of Running©



Carrie Anspachcarrie1

Carrie Anspach has been coaching runners for endurance events  since 2006, having a particular affinity for those who have challenged themselves beyond their wildest dreams: be it a first run ev-er, be it a fitness goal or striving for that PR.  As a coach I am fascinated by the mental and emotional part that gets you to the finish line as much as making sure you remain strong, healthy and injury free on the physical component of training.  Certified TNT Coach from 2006 -2010 , trained by Olympic Coach, Mr. Jack Daniels himself as well as a Certified RRCA coach. I can’t wait to watch you cross that finish line and meet your goals.

I suppose it’s nice to know what I’ve done – it’s not a bazillion marathons – but I have 5 Marathons and over 25 half marathons to call mine along with 2  70.3 , 3 Olympic and numerous sprint triathlons.


Debra Corteseme2

Debra Cortese is the Owner and Director of Tri-Now endurance. Debra is a run coach and a personal trainer focusing on functional strength work for endurance athletes.

Debra is also  Director of Punch Buggy Productions, Inc. a 501(c)(3) corporation that is  seeking to encourage the community to get active and educate the public on healthy lifestyle and nutrition habits by developing the Endurance for Food Program.


Coach Redred4

Inspired by life to inspire others!  I am a Guatemalan redheaded free soul who is training through life to be the best version of me and share my knowledge and experiences with others. Helping people and leading them to a healthy lifestyle is one of my biggest passions. I believe that triathlon is not only physical but a mental matter as well. I love to find the reasoning behind the why and connect those reasons and feelings to the “why” we tri.